Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Misty!

Hey, remember me? 


The friendly neighbourhood Lab? 

Well, it was my birthday on the 10th of December 2010 and I turned all of ONE YEAR OLD that day. I didn't know it till the goodies started to pour in. It was too exciting for words and I was pretty exhausted by it all, I can tell you!  I had to sleep the whole of the next day to get some form back! 

My dad's taken some pics. I thought you might like to have a look at them. I think they say it all!

That's the blinking chicken my mom and dad gave me to play with. It's the most exciting gift I have ever had! Makes this squawking sound which drives me nuts. One of these days I'm gonna figure out a way to shut it up for good!

That's another gift. The biggest ball I have ever had! He! He! My mom is pissed of with me coz I have already managed to remove the rope and green band and most of the air out of it!

I asked for this photo. It feels nice to gloat over all the goodies together, hey?

Hmmnn.....one of those days where I just can't concentrate. There are goodies all around. Now, what on earth is THAT?


Gotcha, you pesky chicken, you!

Maybe if I attack it from this side I can tear it limb from limb? Lets see..........

That's the card my big Sis gave me. Not as good as my handwriting, but still super, ain't it? Told ya, she's the best! 

Whats that you have in your hand, my girl? Something else for me? Come on, come on....out with it!

Good Lord, it's that blessed chicken again! How on earth did it get there?

Brother, I'm pooped! It's all nice to have fun and games, but it's pretty exhausting for a small dog I tell you!

All this except the cap is from Rockydogbakery. The pic, photo frame and the biscuits are the complimentary goodies! And the cake...yum! Its a banana cake and I know I'm gonna just love it! Sorry guys, gotta rush! That cake just can't wait!

Ok, Ok.........I'm gonna be decent about this and let you guys have a look at that cake, out of the box. There ya go! Now that's what I call a cake! 


I guess I have to put up with all this stuff if I have to get anywhere near that cake. Sigggh!

I don't believe this....I'm gonna eat that whole cake all by myself? Come on! You're kidding me right?

I think I'll do this in stages....a lick here and a bite there! As my dad keeps saying...softly, softly, catchee monkey!

Crumbs! I  just remembered.......we were so busy having fun, we forgot to sing the Happy Birthday song. Never mind. We'll leave that for the next birthday, huh?

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  1. the photos where very nice misty is soooooooooo cute,convey my regards to misty
    ,love u all kannan