Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My many mood's

Hi! I'm MISTY, your friendly neighbourhood Lab pup! 
This is my fact file:
Born: 10th December 2009
Golden coated
One of nine pups from a Second Litter
Biological Daddy's name is Putta, Mommy's Janu
Breeder: Akshath Kennels, Bangalore
Was adopted on 11th January 2010
My vet is Dr Pawan in Bangalore
Favourite food: Bread, Milk and Kibble pudding
I love to snack on almost anything humans eat!
As on 30/11/2010 I'm almost one year old.
I now weigh 34 Kgs and still have an enviable waistline!

My dad has put up these pics because he thinks I look so adorable. Big mouth that I am, I couldn't resist commenting on each of them. Check them out and let me know what you think!

That's how I was when Momma came to pick me up. I'm the bigger one on the right!

Dad say's Garfield and I have a lot in common!

That's my big Sis. She's nice but can be a pain sometimes!

Heeelp! They forgot to tell them I am terrified of heights!

Don't I look as cute as a bug in a rug?

That's Teddy and he's my favourite companion. That means I get to chew him!

Excuse me? Could someone please get me the hell outa here?

Mommy say's mischief mongers have to sit in this corner! Brother, life sucks!

This is my bedroom and I like to sleep alone, thank you!

See toy, will chew. That's why Pop's calls me Dr. Chu man Chu!

Check those paw's out! I'm gonna be a big girl someday!

Hey, I'm not really scared. I just like it down here, that's all! Honest!

    Phew....a dog's life can be pretty tiring

See, I've got muscles now. It's the high protein diet I tell you!

Mischief? Who, me? Honest mom, I didn't do nothing! I'm clean as a whistle!

Never mind the expression, I'm not really that miserable!

Rub a dub dub..Good God, there's a dog in this tub!

This is my alert Avatar! I'm trying my hand at playing guard dog!

And this is my indolent lolling style!

I enjoy my cigar after a good meal. Really hits the spot, it does!

Maybe I should audition for that Snoopy role with Disney, right? I think I got the moves, baby!

I'm pissed! Ain't no way to treat a pretty girl!

Things can get a little lonely under this sofa I tell ya!

Oho! So now I'm supposed to be a Jack in the box, am I?

That's a magnificent set of whiska's ain't it?

Hey, my master is here! Sakubona! I see you Nkosi, Nkulu! Bayete!

Grrrr.....cross that line and it's curtains for ya!

Siigh! Life can be a real drag sometimes, chum!

Actually, I'm not as simple as I look here!

Check my lines out! I'm the best!

There's that pesky fly again! A dog can't sit in peace I say!

Hey, is that a biscuit?That sure looks like a biscuit! Come on, come on! Let's not leave for tomorrow what we can crunch today!

Now ya know what royalty looks like!

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