Thursday, February 12, 2015

Maharshi Amara (1919-1982)


Ambarisha Varma Desai, or Amara, as he was more popularly known, was born into the Kaujalagi royal family of Belgaum. He was born in 1919, in Bangalore, in the very house where Sir C.V. Raman lived, later on. 

Born into royalty, with family riches at his disposal, he never had to work for a living like other mortals. This despite the fact that the land reforms introduced later on ensured that the family lost most of their lands and properties, like the other erstwhile princely families. 

He was a householder, with one daughter called Maitreyi. With his family connections and own capabilities he was many a time offered high positions in Government, but refuse them all, so that he could continue to work with the Rishis, both on the physical and Astral planes.

He was one of the tallest Rishis (Light Master) to have ever walked the earth. Working in close contact with the Sapta Rishis, he traveled daily to other worlds and gathered vast spiritual knowledge. The Rishi's Path was founded by him in 1974 when Kaliyuga or the dark age ended. 

Though I was not fortunate enough to be directly initiated by him, he continues to be the guiding light for the Path that I have chosen to follow.

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