More about me - I am what I am

A little more about myself

Set foot on this planet.....9th April 1963
Sun Sign.....Aries
Educated....All over India...Chennai, Calcutta, Hyderabad, name a few places.
Earn my daily bread as an Insurance Executive with a PSU
Currently living in Mysore, with my family and other animals.
My home is my castle.
Books are my passion.
Music soothes my Soul.
Yoga dictates my lifestyle.
My interests encompass the entire spectrum of life's myriad colours.
My spiritual pursuits allows me to soar high above mundane existence.
The nick "Yogiman" is merely a nickname given by friends. It signifies nothing at all!
My family ensures that I stay firmly grounded. 
I believe the day you stop asking "why", you grow old.
I am what I am.

How I describe myself

Fun loving...
Highly extroverted when required...
Prefer the silence within otherwise...
Highly spiritually inclined...

My pet peeves.....Petty people and politics, Lack of civic sense, Wastage of God's bounty,      Ingratitude for life's blessings, disrespect for the other man's space.

When life turned on it's head

It was a cold winter evening when life,as I knew it till then, changed completely for me. Till then I had led a completely bohemian type of existence, veering dangerously close to hedonism! Material pursuits, sensory short "sampling all the good things in life" formed the pattern of my life. I was a firm believer in the principle, "if there is something to be enjoyed, I'll try it at least once". Then came the twist in the tale........

It was the 10th of December 2004. We had just shifted to Bangalore, from Mumbai, about a year back. My family members had gone out for some shopping. I had chosen to stay home since shopping is not one of my favourite things. For some strange reason I decided to sit and do some Buddhist style meditation. It basically entails just sitting and observing one's breath. Here I may add, that yoga, spiritual literature and mystic pursuits had always been a source of great interest for me right from the age of 13, when I would avidly devour the literature published by Bhavan's. I had also dabbled in meditation of and on over the years since then, but never really got around to any real schedule. So the sudden urge to sit that day was strange, to say the least.

We have a pooja stand which is basically fixed to the wall, in order to conserve floor space. I sat beneath it , facing east and did some grounding work, basically drawing in earth and sky energies and cleansing the system. Then I started to breathe slowly and easily, all the while observing the breath as it entered and left my nostrils. Some five minutes passed uneventfully. Then suddenly, without any warning, the vectors changed and it was as if something had taken control over my body and breathing patterns. 

My breathing automatically became very slow and deep, very deep. It felt like i was drawing my breath right from my toes to the top of my skull. my entire body felt like it was plugged into some kind of power source, buzzing with electricity. The body started to heat up as a consequence of the buzzing and even my fingertips seemed to radiate the heat. My heart (I understood later it wasn't my physical heart which was reacting per-se, but my heart chakra) started to hammer out about 200 beats per second. There was a roaring in my head which culminated in my third eye area contracting and pulsing very forcefully. A glowing light came on inside my head at the same time, coupled with a fireworks like display. My perceptions and senses seemed to be enhanced manifold.

I suppose I should have been freaking out, big time, by now. However, I was absolutely fascinated by the whole event.......purely and simply mesmerized! Fear was the last emotion I felt at the time. The whole show (and that was exactly what it felt like!) lasted about 20 minutes. The more I relaxed, the better the experience seemed to feel like, or so it seemed. Slowly, my body and senses came back to normal. The heat, however, remained for almost a week. At times the heat radiating out of eyes was almost unbearable. One thing was clear to me............any mention of this would scare the heck out of my family, who have very little knowledge of such matters. In any case, it wasn't as if I was in this situation out of any choice. The divine had ordained and I was merely the puppet who now had to just take things as they came and hope for the best. So mum  was the word! Even till recently, I would discuss the event and related matters only with people who were in tune with me. If I now describe these events on a public forum, it is only because I no longer care what people think about me! Further, I have realized there are many, many more evolved souls out there, who would appreciate what I went through far more than I earlier thought.

Post experience the first thing I did was to research the subject thoroughly (one instance where the internet proved such a blessing), to figure out what had happened and how to handle my life in future. I understood then that I had what is basically referred to as a major Kundalini surge. Kundalini, is the sleeping vital energy which sometimes awakens, either due to yoga practices, or spontaneously, as it did in my case. The energy is the primal energy, also called the sleeping Goddess, or Shakthi, and spontaneous awakening's are almost always accompanied by drastic repercussions, both physical and psychological. Gopikrishna's is the classic case always cited to emphasize this point. 

But I myself recovered and my health and everything else only improved since then. So can I  conclude that I was extremely lucky? Perhaps.....but the spiritual masters all say that it is only the fruits of spiritual practice and not material things that you take with you life after life.  Why am I so spiritually inclined in this life? Why do complicated yogic practices come so easily to me? Why am I drawn again and again towards the practice of Kundalini yoga only, rather than any other practice? Why did the energy rise spontaneously only in me when there are yoga masters who practice for years without being blessed by the Goddess?  It is also said in spiritual circles that any urge for the divine in this life is basically the result of rigorous yogic practices in earlier lifetimes. It appears I have put in my time in earlier lifetimes and the carry forward is now beginning to show. Amen!