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Reminiscences about Amara

I recently came across a few reminiscences by Mr. H.N. Ananda Giri, a direct disciple of Maharshi Amara, which I reproduce below for the benefit of those who might be interested.


The Master announced that the seven celestial sages, the order of the Sapta Rishis for the current human time are Bhrigu, Atri, Angirasa, Vashishta, Pulasthya, Pulaha and Kratu. He also told us, the members of Vishwamaitri organisation, that this order of the Sapta Rishis changes from time to time/manvantara to manvantara. As soon as one of the Sapta Rishis exhausts his tapasic Shakti, there is another Rishi to take his place in the order. The outgoing Rishi will perform tapas again, replenish his Kundalini Shakti and return to the order.

The master continued. The group of the Sapta Rishis, have been our guides since our first birth here on the Earth. They are entrusted by Supreme God with the task of taking us back to the Para Brahma Loka. Due to less coating of one’s karmic condition, one could behold and also speak to the Rishis, in the past.

As the inevitable wheel of Time turned on, and due to the Manomaya Koshas becoming excessively dense with karma accumulated, the human beings lost the faculty of seeing the Rishis!

To assist the Rishis in their phenomenal assignment to take the Souls back to Godhead, the Rishis selected 1,44,000 souls who had less coating of karma in their manomaya koshas, to be trained and ordained as “Worker”, in all parts of the world. And through these workers, the Rishis began imparting the knowledge of meditation and ascent of the Souls to go back to where we originally came from.

My master Shri Ambarisha Varma, was one such Worker of the Rishis. He also informed that the present leader of the Sapta Rishis on our earth is Atri Maharishi along with his spouse, Anasuya Devi.

Through an extraordinary out of body experience, at the age of 12, Shri Ambarisha Varma happened to come into contact with the Vishwamitra Maharishi, who trained him in astral travel and later inducted him as one of the workers of the Rishis.

We are told that the workers are to be perfect tools to be used by the Rishis and are cautioned not to do anything on their own. The worker’s life is full of sacrifice and total surrender to the Rishis round the clock, awaiting call from the Rishis, to carry out several works both on the physical and astral plane, at times at the cost of their physical wellbeing, due  to their astral bodies getting exposed  to different dangers and consequent effect on their physical body.

A brief study of a truly spiritual master‘s life would reveal that his whole life was a teaching in itself. How he responded to the various incidents in his life and how he faced the day to day situations, how he conducted himself with both his celestial Gurus and fellow humans, endowed with utmost humility, conscious all the time about the astral plane, leading a virtuous life, shunning all publicity, never passing judgments on others, always ready to uplift the ignorant beings- all this and much more can be learnt from the study.

Shri Ambarisha Varma, also popularly known as the Worker, Uncle, Amara, Belgaum Raja among others, was born on 01.02.1919 to Shri Sardar Bheemappa Giriappa Desai of Gokak Taluk, Belgaum District and Smt Puttananjammani, who hailed from Bagalur, Karnataka. Shri Ambarisha Varma married Smt Susheela Bai, who hailed from the renowned Palegar Family in Manjarabad, Hassan District, Karnataka, on 16.12.1950.

Shri Ambarisha Varma slipped out of the human body on 25.08.1982. He had told us that he would be taken to the Andromeda Galaxy (where the Manomaya koshas are manufactured), all his immediate past life’s earthly memories will be erased, with his Manomaya kosha made clean, to await next incarnation and assignment as worker of the Rishis in every birth.

As an adolescent, I was interested in subjects connected with spirituality, fond of visiting different heads of religious institutions, ashrams, temples, meet saints, mystics, was  initiated into a few  meditation techniques and despite all these, I was  yearning for a right spiritual guide.

At the close of 1973, I was fortunate to come into contact with the worker of the Rishis. After meeting him, my yearning for a right Master was gone and I felt peaceful. I longed to meet him daily, just to sit near him in silence, to be in his company. He would often give on the spot examples to make the questioner understand better.

For instance: The time was around 10 PM. The period belonged to early contact I had made. Only the worker and I were present. I asked him as to how one should deal with the experiences we add to the Manomaya Kosha and while I was asking him this question we both heard a short and loud blast of a car horn in distance. The worker enquired from me whether I had heard the sound of the horn. I replied “Yes”. Did you make any conscious effort to hear it? The answer was “No”. The worker advised that one should treat all experiences of this earth as similar to the hearing of the horn, without any effort on one’s part.

During the early months, he patiently put up with my innumerable questions about the Creation, Solar System, Stars, Comets, Heaven, Hell, the Planets, the Rishis, means to attain freedom from the cycle of births and deaths, meditation, how the form of meditation taught by him could be superior to the rest of the others and the return journey to God and similar topics. One fine day, he declared- Throw out your questions, get ready for initiation!

Shri Ambarisha Varma taught us among many other things, the importance of cleanliness of the body and the mind, to put up our hearts and souls upwards for God to lift us up, elements of astrology, the values of time management, discipline, contentment, maintaining secrecy, to strive and become humble, to be aware of the activities of the ego, to reach divinity through humility, to have the courage of the Rakshasas, Meditation, Chaya Purusha Darshana, Astral travel, Samadhi, the list could go on.

He exhorted us to be ablaze with self-knowledge, not to cast a shadow on the earth, not to borrow knowledge from outside, always to carry a Vaikunta in one’s head with one’s feet on the earth. While leading a totally unassumed life, he would narrate many instances of his speaking with different Gods/Divine Beings/Heads of Lokas/Cosmic personalities and describe life on other planets and Lokas. He was simultaneously aware of the happenings both in the material and the divine cosmos.

A feeble attempt is made in the following pages, to narrate the experiences, to celebrate the life and teachings of Shri Ambarisha Varma, who called himself as an ordinary “Worker” of the Rishis and a tough task Master to his students, on whom he has left an unparalleled and indelible spiritual inspirations!

H N Ananda Giri
25th August 2014


Both Photos were taken on 17th May 1981 by the author during a Shambala meeting held at the workers house "SHAMBALA", Koramangala, B'lore.

The Worker’s 24 Hour Cycle 
During the days when I had not yet had much contact with the Worker, I was curious to know as to how he spent the hours of his typical day. Despite asking him several times I had never received any reply and had given up all hopes of knowing about it from him. One evening all of a sudden the Worker began narrating how he spends his 24 hour cycle. He told us that his day begins at 12 Midnight by visiting the Rishis’ Cave near Mount Kailash where he marks in his attendance and waits for the Rishis to allot him work. This meeting goes on till 6 AM. In the meanwhile, there is an unlisted telephone by his bedside which starts ringing. To answer this phone, he has to return to his physical body and due to his frequent changes into physical and astral bodies he needs to rest till 9 AM. At around 10 AM, he said he takes out his car to meet persons with whom he had spoken on the phone the previous night. He returns home late afternoon. By 5 PM he is ready to meet visitors who come to see him and this routine keeps him occupied till about 10 PM. “Sir, why should anyone call you on the unlisted phone?” I asked him. “Suppose that before going out of your body, you have given this unlisted telephone number to someone in your family …”, he said, “… and for some reason you cannot return to your body as the silver chord is entangled somewhere, then if the family calls me, I go out in search of you and put you back into your body!” 

Rishi in the form of an atom 
The event that I now relate happened at the house named “KAMALA KRIPA” near Nanda Theatre in Jayanagar, 7th Block, Bangalore. It was the initiation time. The Worker was alone inside the Pooja Room with the Rishi present. There were no members visiting the Worker for initiation. I was on duty to regulate the visitors if any were to arrive. As there were no visitors, I knocked on the door of the room and sought permission to enter. The Worker let me in. The room was so tiny that no third person could possibly sit down there. After a short pause, I asked him – “You say that a Rishi is present here inside this Room - what is he doing? Is he seated or standing? What is his activity now?” The Worker explained that sitting and standing was a mode for us with gross bodies! Somewhere in the space between the Worker and me, the Rishi was in the form of an atom! After the prescribed hours, the Rishi had to be given a proper farewell and only later could the Worker come out of the Pooja Room. “The Rishis are in the form of light”, he explained. 

Movement of the soul in the human body
After requesting the worker about the location of the Soul in the human body, he began narrating about the movement of the soul in the human body: At 12 Noon the soul is at the Anahata Chakra. It is like the King seated on the throne. All present at the Court are now alert and attentive. If one were to take of food at 12 Noon the food gets absorbed and one does not feel hungry till the following Noon! As soon as the Soul touches the Anahata, it starts ascending towards the Sahasrara Chakra and at around 8 PM it is at the Vishuddhi Chakra when one can take light meals for sustenance till the morning breakfast. As the Soul passes through the Vishuddhi and beyond, it starts locking up the various departments of the body-similar to closing up of an office- first the drawers, safe, all doors, windows, grill gate and shutter gate etc.- one should allow the Soul to do this job and not be awake late night. Before midnight-one should be comfortably asleep in order to allow the Soul to have its passage between the Anahata and the Sahasrara Chakras. As soon as the Soul touches the Sahasrara Chakra at midnight, it starts descending down and around 8 AM it is near the Vishuddhi again when one take in a light breakfast. This way, the worker explained about the movement of the Soul in the human bodies.

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