Monday, November 29, 2010


On the way back we also went to Navabrindavana, which is a small island located on the Tungabhadra River. . To reach the temple we had to cross the river on small rafts which are called "teppa" in Kannada.

Devotees of Sri Raghavendra Swamy can`t afford to miss this one. This place is famous for the nine Brindavanas (tombs), of the nine famous Madhva saints (belonging to the kith and kin of Madhwacharya, the founder of the Dwaita or dualism tenets).
The nine saints are:

1. Sri Padhmanabha Thirtha
2. Sri Jayathirtha/Sri Raghuvarya
3. Sri Kavindra Thirtha
4. Sri Vageesa Thirtha
5. Sri Vyasaraja Thirtha
6. Sri Srinivasa Thitha
7. Sri Rama Thirtha
8. Sri Sudheendhra Thirtha
9. Sri Govinda Odeyaru

It is believed that the stones of the Nava Brindavana temple have life and people are not allowed to touch them. A lot of families were present while we were there, performing poojas and other rituals. Nowadays, I am not a great believers in rituals, but when in Rome, I believe in doing as the Roman's do and so I followed suit! This was followed by circumbulating the Nava Brindavana's nine times and believe me, it took all my will power to finish the custom, as the granite slabs which formed the flooring were already almost red hot under the blazing sun!

The place had an aura around it. So maybe it is true and the energy of the saints does pervade the place, blessing all those in the vicinity.

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